Tuesday, June 20, 2006 


i'm so confused with myself! Why is it we can trust God with Big huge things that are out of our control, yet we cant trust God in the small things. The bible says we dont need to worry but i think that most of the time we do worry. i think maybe its easier not to worry about the big thing because they are out of our control so we like the idea of God being in control. But these small things...i think we like to worry, we like to be in control so if we hand over small stuff to God we can't be in control, and we don't like it!

my i'm profound today!

Sunday, June 11, 2006 

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006 


man, there are real decisions we have to make in life. Like i have to make a decision to let go or grab hold of something. And i have to make a decsion on my job and on whether to go to a family meal i'd really rather not go to.

i've been reading ezekial in the last couple of weeks. There is a man i admire! i mean he didn't really have a great message to tell but he made the decision to tell the people anyway! Why? because he made the decision to be obedient to God and he knew God was bigger than a fear of man.

Then in chapter 43 he see the desires of his heart, the glory of the Lord return to the temple in a vision. God gives that hope to him.

you see i think we have to make decisions on ourselves, it's all well to say i know that i am loved, accepted, safe, etc etc in God but do i make the desicion to first actually believe that but then also live in it?

it sounds hard, but then i think with ezekial he had to be so obedient and persue holyness so much to get to that place, all the rules and laws God had to set them abpart as holy, i'd so have been getting them wrong!! but we, can come into Gods presence holy and blamless if the son lives in us - thats amazing

my mate olly used to say over and over again as he excersised
"if the son has set u free you, you are free indeed." today i choose to live in this!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006 

Specific Wordz

so Jersey was amazing and God did something i neva thought i'd know! i had really specific words for people that i pray bought real spiritual healing to them. Praise God cos thats something i've kinda been asking for but hadn't really expected! lol Thanx also to God for providing Martin to tell me to go for it! I've been thinking though, its so hard, i don't ever want to get into the feeling that i have got big-headed in any way with this- please God keep me humble! but also i am so excited so i'm gonna ask him for more! and my next thing i am gonna pray for prophetically is for prophetic dreams ...hmmm brad pit.....lol no real ones! i'll keep you posted. Mental note need to get my spiritual goals sorted too! see ya later hope all people are well

Tuesday, May 09, 2006 


gosh, why is it that when you want to be holy and not distracted, the object of your distractions is seen!!! lol "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind, take all thoughts captive!" i gotta a lot of tying up to do in my brain!! lol will write more when i have less work to do!

Saturday, May 06, 2006 

Dairy of last year!

i just wanted to move over some of my open diary to here, it explains what God has been doing over the last year but it wont let me so go to my old diary Hope you enjoy! also have a look at the designed webpage

Thursday, April 27, 2006 

New wine!

so its half ten and i'm stuck in gatwick airport till 7.45 tomorrow morning man i'm so tired. we're on our way to newwine jersey God please help me to sleep! so why have i come here at this time. well at 5.23pm we were almost here, maybe about half an hour away! then we stop, not just in a traffic jam but we stop completely people getting out of cars etc!! apparently the motorway was on fire, there was a massive oil explosion! lol well God knows what he's up to! gonna find a nice place to sleep

Wednesday, April 19, 2006 

Why now?

well i'v actually got a blog on onlinediary.com but all my mates are on here (well not literally all!) so finally i've done it i'll transfer some of my faveourite blogs over to here soon!


Todays actual post!!

so , we still haven't got i-net which is a bit annoying but we (me and anna) don't know how long we'll be at this place so dont want to get it yet. i miss it though, writing down my thoughts but no i have gone back to paper and pen journalling!. its great though, God has been teaching me so much over the last few months. i now have a job and a house and money to survive. Just waiting for the next part of my jorney! God has placed a couple of things on my heart which is great but i can't really talk about them at the momonet! So this week i'm working on designed (spaces.msn.com/designedkent/) which i'm well excited for!! hurrah anyway must go! will be back soon i hope!!